Our Menu

Delrio’s menu offers a broad range of traditional home-made Italian pastas, pizzas and desserts, plus a delightful choice of speciality dishes with an emphasis on fresh fish, locally sourced meat and vegetarian options.

Giovanni and his team use traditional methods of Italian cooking. All fish, meat and vegetables are provided by local suppliers daily and prepared in Delrio’s kitchen. Pizzas are prepared on the premises and cooked using traditional methods. Delrio’s desserts are home-made by Delrio’s pastry chef, providing the diner with a delightful selection of traditional Italian sweets plus a variety of specials using seasonal ingredients.



Starters & Appetisers

Piatti freddi

Cold starters

Pane e olive
£ 6.25

Italian olives marinated in lemon and herbs served with bread

£ 5.25

Home-made bruschetta. Please ask for today’s choice

Pâté della casa
£ 7.50

Home-made pork and liver pâté served with toasted bread

Antipasto del contadino
£ 8.95

Selection of Italian cured meats

Burrata caprese
£ 9.50

Fresh Italian Burrata cheese served with cherry tomatoes, stuffed peppers and a pesto dressing

Bresaola al carpaccio
£ 9.75

Thinly sliced air-dried cured beef fillet served with rocket and Grana Padano shavings in a light lemon dressing

Piatti caldi

Hot starters

Pizza garlic bread
£ 6.50

Home-made stretched dough base topped with tomato and garlic

Zuppa del giorno
£ 6.95

Home-made soup. Please ask for today’s choice

Funghi di bosco all’aglio
£ 7.50

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic and cream, topped with rocket 

Melanzane ripiene
£ 8.95

Aubergine stuffed with courgette, peppers and onion, oven baked with Grana Padano and breadcrumbs 

Involtino di mozzarella
£ 9.25

Baked buffalo mozzarella wrapped in Prosciutto Crudo and served with rocket


Delrio’s pizzas are home-made and freshly prepared in the traditional Italian style, topped with San Marzano tomato and 100% mozzarella

£ 10.50

Fresh Basil

£ 11.50

Anchovies, capers and olives

£ 12.50

Mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, onions and olives

Prosciutto e funghi
£ 12.50

Ham and mushrooms 

£ 12.50

Hot salami and fresh chillies 

Quattro stagioni
£ 12.50

Mushrooms, olives, artichokes and ham

£ 13.50

Folded pizza. Ham, mushrooms and spinach 

£ 12.95

Mediterranean seafood

£ 13.50

Prosciutto Crudo and fresh rocket 

Del fattore
£ 13.50

Chicken, peppers and mushrooms 

Delrio’s special pizza
£ 14.50

Hot salami, Prosciutto Crudo and gorgonzola cheese

Paste e risotti

Pasta and rice dishes

Tagliatelle carbonara
£ 13.95

Tagliatelle tossed with pancetta, egg and cream

Gnocchetti sardi
£ 14.50

Traditional Sardinian short pasta with sausage, chilli and tomato sauce

Lasagna tradizionale
£ 14.95

Baked layered pasta with Bolognese sauce, béchamel and cheese

Risotto ai funghi
£ 15.95

Italian rice cooked with mushrooms and white wine

Risotto ai frutti di mare
£ 16.95

Italian rice cooked with mixed seafood, tomato and white wine

Tagliatelle al tartufo
£ 16.50

Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, truffle and cream

Linguine allo scoglio
£ 16.95

Linguine with mixed seafood, cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic and fresh herbs 

Paste ripiene

Speciality filled pasta

Fiocchi formaggio e pere
£ 15.95

Parcels of pasta filled with cheese and pear served in a creamy basil sauce 

Ravioli di spinaci e ricotta
£ 15.50

Spinach and ricotta ravioli served in a Napoli sauce 

Specialita di pesce

Fish Specialities

Moscardini alla Diavola
Starter £ 10.25
Main Course £ 18.25

Baby octopus cooked in chilli, garlic and tomato purée. Served with toasted bread

(subject to availability)

Cozze alla marinara
Starter £ 10.50
Main Course £ 20.50

Fresh Scottish mussels cooked in white wine, cream and garlic. Served with toasted bread

(subject to availability)


Scampi e gamberoni alla Catalana
Main Course £ 23.95

Scampi and king prawns pan-seared with basil, chilli and Napoli sauce. Served with rice

Capesante e pancetta
Starters £ 12.50
Main Course £ 24.95

Fresh king scallops wrapped in pancetta, pan-fried in a light shellfish bisque. Served on a bed of spinach 

Pesce del giorno

Fresh fish of the day.

Please ask for today’s choice and price


Main courses

Pollo e gamberoni alla termidoro
£ 21.50

Chicken breast pan-fried with tiger prawns in white wine, mustard and cream. Served with roast potatoes

Polpette caserecce
£ 19.50

Meatballs home-made with steak mince cooked in a wild mushroom and Napoli sauce. Served with tagliatelle  

Pollo chiantigiana
£ 21.50

Chicken breast filled with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon and served with a rich red wine sauce. Served with roast potatoes 

Medaglioni di manzo
£ 22.50

Medallions of beef fillet cooked in peppercorns, red wine, cream and mustard. Served with roast potatoes

Pollo al pesto
£ 21.50

Corn-fed chicken, oven-baked with pesto, sun-dried tomato and cream. Served with roast potatoes

Bocconcini Strogonoff
£ 22.50

Strips of beef fillet sautéed with mushrooms, onions, mustard, red wine and cream. Served with rice 

Grigliate secondi

Char-grilled dishes

Petto di pollo
£ 17.95

Butter-flied chicken breast dressed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Served with mixed salad

Filetto di manzo
£ 28.50

8oz fillet steak garnished with field mushroom and grilled tomato. Served with roast potatoes

Costata di manzo
£ 26.95

10oz rib-eye steak served with a garlic, parsley and sun-dried tomato butter. Served with roast potatoes


Home-made sauces

Al pepe
£ 3.50

Green peppercorn, red wine and cream

Al gorganzola
£ 3.50

 Blue cheese, white wine and cream 

£ 3.50

Garlic, white wine, mushroom and cream 


Side orders

Vegetali di stagione
£ 4.75

Selection of seasonal vegetables

Insalata mista
£ 4.25

Mixed salad

Patate arrosto
£ 3.95

Roast potatoes

Insalata di rucola e Grana Padano
£ 4.25

Rocket and Grana Padano salad 

Patate saltate
£ 4.25

New potatoes sautéed with onions

Insalata di pomodoro e cipolle
£ 3.95

Tomato and onion salad

Spinaci saltati
£ 3.95

Sautéed spinach

£ 3.95

Steamed rice 


Delrios’ home-made sweets selection

Dolce del giorno
£ 7.50

Please ask for today’s choice of dessert 

£ 6.50

Savoiardi biscuits soaked in espresso coffee and Amaretto liqueur with mascarpone and cocoa

£ 7.25

Vanilla ice cream served with coffee syrup and a strong espresso coffee to pour over the top 

Meringa del giorno
£ 6.50

Meringue of the day. Please ask for today’s choice

Panna cotta
£ 6.50

Traditional set cream flavoured with rum and served with orange and coffee syrup

Crème brûlée
£ 6.50

Traditional French custard with vanilla and Grand Marnier liqueur, topped with caramelised sugar 

Profiteroles al cioccolato
£ 6.50

Choux pastry filled with vanilla cream and served with chocolate sauce

Formaggi misti
£ 8.95

Selection of Italian cheeses with biscuits  

Dessert wine
£ 9.00

Italian dessert wine served with Cantuccini biscuits

£ 4.95

Italian ice cream selection. 2 scoops of: Strawberry, Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate, Hazelnut or Lemon Sorbet

  • All produce is locally and seasonally sourced where possible.
  • All dishes are freshly cooked to order. Please allow us time to prepare your meal.
  • Due to the presence of allergens in the preparation of some of our dishes, we cannot guarantee the absence of allergen traces in our menu items.
  • Please ask about any special dietary requirements.